We all have to walk through disappointments in life sometimes. We are disappointed because something has a certain function (or someone has a role), but it failed spectacularly. It doesn’t function as it should; it doesn’t produce the result that it was designed to do. It is taking up the space yet it is causing more harm than good. Something needs to be done about it!

      Today, if you have something like that – what would you do about it? Our cultural mentality is “Junk it!” If it’s an object, people would say “it’s old, or flawed, throw it out and buy a new one!” If it’s a person (be it an employee or spouse), people would think “it’s not working out, get rid of him/her and find a new one”. If it’s an unattractive TV show (or unfortunately, a church ministry), people would say “let’s switch the channel, find a more interesting one.”

      Have you ever wondered what God in heaven would do? When He looks at this world – where sometimes it can be a bit of a disappointment? The quick answer might be “Let’s get rid of this world, and create a new heaven and new earth”. It’s partially correct, but we will be missing a big part that’s going on in between. In fact, the bulk of the Bible talks about this.

      In the next few weeks, we’ll focus on God’s righteousness and justice, mercy and salvation – both are richly flowing out of His Sovereignty – towards His rebellious servant.




  在接下來的幾星期裏,我們將注目於神的公義和救贖 - 兩者都是從父神至高的主權中向着祂叛逆的僕人,豐豐富富地湧流出來。