With the good news that each province's economy is gradually reopening, people are looking forward to returning to their normal routines as soon as possible.  There will be no need to maintain a six-foot social distance, or wear a mask.  We can travel abroad, dine in with friends at restaurants, and much more.  Unfortunately, as of today, this remains only a beautiful dream.  With the economic reopening of many countries, the pandemic has rebounded, causing the number of infected case to increase uncontrollably every day.  Some countries even needed to restore their restriction orders to reduce the spread of the disease.  Our hope vanished and a beautiful dream is burst.  When will the pandemic disappear totally?  

      Life is indeed full of uncertainties.  We do not even have 100% certainty about tomorrow, let alone a global disaster.  Strangely enough, with advanced medical and scientific technology in the 21st century along with the world's top medical experts and scientists, we are still helpless to eliminate the coronavirus. Countries have exhausted all resources working hard to develop a vaccine to fight this virus.  However, the rapidity, invisibility and lethality of this virus has plunged the world into great fear in just a few months.  In fear, human beings not only do not inspire love or fight against the pandemic with one heart, rather only the ugliness, selfishness, and sinfulness of human nature is revealed.  When major world leaders are weak in fighting against the pandemic, they start to blame each other and shirk their own responsibilities. Recently, racial discrimination, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, and violent attacks on others have often occurred.  In order to fight for the freedom of self-indulgence and ignoring the risk of virus transmission, citizens of some countries rallied against government-issued stay-at-home orders and social restriction orders, which caused riots and made the pandemic even more difficult to control.  We are in a situation where “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.”  

      Today, God wants all mankind to know how tiny and negligible we are, even the smallest virus can overtake us. The only thing we can do before God is to humbly acknowledge our own shortcomings, remove our selfishness, and ask the Lord for mercy.  Let us pray for God’s grace upon us, because only the true God can truly eliminate all the viruses of the world.  It is now still the best opportunity for Christians to be salt and light of the world.  May the Lord Jesus give us peace in our hearts, especially in the midst of the pandemic, and bring the gospel of peace to our families, neighbors and friends, and become His beautiful witnesses.


      人生的確充滿著很多的不肯定 (uncertainty) 。明天如何,我們尚且未能夠有百份之百的把握,何況是全球性的災難。奇怪的是,對於醫學發達、科技先進的二十一世紀,全世界有著最頂尖的醫學及科學專家,但是對極微少的冠狀病毒,都束手無策。各國用盡一切的資源,努力研究能抵抗這病毒的疫苖。這病毒的快速、隱形、殺傷力等等,在短短幾個月裡面,已經令到全世界陷於極大的恐懼中。在恐懼中,人類不單止不能激發愛心,同心抗疫,人性的醜惡、自私、罪性,卻是表露無遺。各大國領袖抗疫不力時,便互相指責,互相推卸責任。近期更引發種族歧視,情緒失控,暴力攻擊他人等情況常常發生。而一些國家的國民,為著要爭取自我放縱的自由,不理會病毒傳播的風險,群起反對政府頒發的居家令,與及社交限聚令等措施,而引發暴亂,令疫情更難受控。我們正處於民攻打民,國攻打國的情況下。 今天,神是要全人類知道,人是何等的渺少,甚至連最微少的病毒,都無能力勝過。

      今天,世人在神面前唯一可作的,就是在祂面前,謙卑承認自己的不足,除去自私自我的心態,求主憐憫。讓我們同心祈求神的恩典早日臨到,因為只有世上的真神,才能真正消滅世上一切的病毒。今天,仍然是基督徒作鹽作光的最好機會。願主耶穌賜給我們心裡的平安, 特別在疫情中, 將平安的福音,帶給我們的家人,鄰居及朋友,而成為一美好的見證。