I believe you learned from last week’s bulletin that the Annex Rebuild Committee has received an updated design plan and the latest construction cost information from the architect.  The Committee and the Elder Board are now collating this new information and will share it with brothers and sisters on August 4 at the Annex Rebuild Update & Prayer Meeting.  This is an important moment that everyone has been looking forward to, and is also an important development project that the brothers and sisters of BAC have been dedicated in working hard to support. This is going to be a venue that accommodates double the number of people and includes a gymnasium. We all look forward to this place to be used for more gospel outreach, and be greatly used by the Lord in the future.  It is indeed by the grace of God and a blessing from Him for us to take part in this meaningful rebuild project of a God-given vision. Even though the construction cost is higher than the original budget, as long as this is the vision and direction that God points us to, I trust that God will provide for our needs.  I invite our brothers and sisters to plan ahead to attend this online meeting, to lift up our prayers together to God.

        I still remember that a few years ago, through the prayers of our brothers and sisters, God gradually gave BAC a clear picture of our future direction.  In our four-part vision, apart from the ongoing Annex rebuild project and becoming a disciple-making church, let us not forget that two years ago, BAC and the Mountainview Alliance Church (MAC) joined hands to start a Mandarin-speaking worship in the city of Langley.  This is a way of church planting that is not often seen, involving the partnership of two churches that share the same vision. Pastor Yong Wang and a group of BAC brothers and sisters have been serving faithfully in the past two years.  Today we see beautiful results from it.  This two-year partnership agreement between BAC and MAC will come to an end in August.  This past Tuesday, we held an important meeting with Pastor Yong and the pastors of MAC, to discuss and evaluate the possibility of turning the ministry over to MAC completely as of September 1.  With the severe impact of the pandemic, I believe brothers and sisters were worried that this new ministry will inevitably be greatly affected in a negative way.  But God once again gave us an affirmation that this is His work.  In the past two to three months, the number of online adult worship has remained stable at 30+.  The offering in June has increased by about 80%, compared to the average from March to May.  In a situation when things seem impossible,  nothing is too hard for God. Therefore, the pastoral team of MAC affirmed that the Mandarin ministry would become part of MAC starting from September 1.  God truly blesses BAC.

        In a recent devotion time, God once again reminded me with His words: “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Psalm 20:7 (NIV)




      在最近的靈修中,神再一次用祂的話語提醒我說:“有人靠車、有人靠馬。我們卻靠耶和華 我們神的名。”(詩篇20:7新譯本)