• February was the 12th anniversary of the church planted and we conducted a re-election of deacons. At first the re-election was not smooth due to some disturbance. But through prayer, preaching, and the guidance of Pastor Lin, brothers and sisters were once again united in the Lord; It also allowed the church to rely on God to win again, avoiding a crisis of division. This is also the greatest encouragement God has given us this month.
  • Through prayer, Bible study, devotion and preaching, we constantly experience the truth of God's promises, so as to maintain the enthusiasm for evangelism.
  • For brothers and sisters holding on to their beliefs during the pandemic, trusting the Lord in times of adversity, and raising their hands to pray at any time.
  • Pray for the deacons working together to prosper the gospel, to cooperate, to serve with enthusiasm, and to humbly study the ministry of the pulpit.
  • For the life growth of the brothers in the church, lead the whole family to gather, read the Bible, pray, implement family worship and intercession, and every couple of church members can serve the Lord in prayer with one heart.
  • Pray for the ministry of Pastor Shao, Pastor Chen, Pastor Yan and Brother Haihan, as well as the raising of more preaching co-workers. ask the Lord for the plan of Pastor Mok and his wife from Hong Kong to come to Fukuoka for mission in the second half of this year has opened the way.


As of March, 2022