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  • Praise God that I finally completed my 2-year master's study in Intercultural Studies at Biola. I submitted my final paper last week and it's amazing that God allows me to use this time to become more trained in sharing the Word and His love to friends from other cultures.
  •  Give thanks to God for the opportunities to teach Sunday School classes at several Chinese churches on the topics of reconciliation and justice. God has been leading me to train others to understand and preach the Gospel in the perspective of reconciliation and justice. The Mandarin class is entering the final week and another English class with a North Vancouver church starts this Sunday. Pray that I would communicate in a clear and inspiring manner. Trust that God will move in mighty ways and transform lives to put His words into actions! 


  • Please pray for the two U friends (Wallace and Elton) that I am meeting regularly with in Vancouver. Pray for my friendship building with them and the U community here and that there will be opportunities for spiritual conversations.
  • Please continue to lift my very dear U brother (HJ) who has been sentenced to 20 years. Still no updates on him. Pray that God will deliver him from unjust conviction, and that the Holy Spirit would strengthen him in his lengthy imprisonment.
  • Pray for my service at a Mandarin church as I will be helping them to run Alpha Youth in May-July.
  • As I felt led by God to bring a curriculum "Gospel and Reconciliation" into Chinese churches and to mobilize more Chinese to serve the U people, I will be staying in Canada for the time being. Please pray for my job search and trust that God will provide my financial needs. 



As of April, 2022