S T O R I E S : Each of us has a story. Each life is an unfolding story being written by the Author of life who’s writing the grandest story of all.

As we move toward more intentional discipleship as a church, hearing each other's stories like this allows us to enter into and participate in each others' lives. We're all made for deep community and long for it in our way, so this is hopefully an opportunity for us as a church to connect, to engage, to listen and share and to be encouraged and grow, especially in lockdown.

EVERY TUESDAY @ 7 starting Aug 11, we will be hearing the stories of brothers and sisters in our church family - our story under God’s grand story. Each week will be a different story, a different life.

If you want to share your story, We are looking for people to share (20-45mins long) in this relaxed setting with their BAC family. PLEASE PRAY ABOUT IT. Don’t let fear get in the way of God being glorified in your life! If interested email Pastor Kim: [email protected]