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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We are living in an unprecedented time and as you know, the COVID-19 situation is changing on a daily basis. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely so that we may be able to safely and lovingly minister and serve the church in this extraordinary time.

As such, we have decided to suspend all in-person meetings effective immediately until further notice.

HOWEVER, this does not mean we are cancelling church! Even though we cannot meet physically in the way we are used to, we are moving all our small groups, fellowships and other meetings online as much as possible. We are still the church and we are still called to gather together in Christ’s name. This is an opportunity to be creative in how can still be in community together and serve one another. We encourage you to continue to meet using technology through virtual hangouts (Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc.), conference calls and other means. Continue to pray for one another and seek ways to meet the needs of those around you.

Also, our online worship services will be up and running this coming Sunday (Mar 22). You will find our services at

Remember, this is a time for increased prayer and love, not for fear and panic. Our God is sovereign and is in full control even though the world seems to be in chaos. Continue to “meet” and pray for one another and for the world that needs our Lord more than ever.

God bless,

Burnaby Alliance Church





但這不等於取消教會一切聚會。大家雖然未能一同實地敬拜及團契,但藉著科技的幫助,我們尚能使用網上不同形式互相聯繫及支持。教會鼓勵大家使用 Google HangOuts, Skype, Zoom 等科技,繼續保持聯絡,互相關懷。懇請大家互相代禱, 幫助週邊有需要的肢體。                 









但这不等于取消教会一切聚会。大家虽然未能一同实地敬拜及团契,但借着科技的帮助,我们尚能使用网上不同形式互相联系及支持。教会鼓励大家使用 Google HangOuts, Skype, Zoom 等科技,继续保持联络,互相关怀。恳请大家互相代祷, 帮助周边有需要的肢体。