1. We believe that the teaching of God through the sacred spirit of the Holy Spirit can change the life of the church and the individual.

2. We believe that only by the power of God can we live the life of Christians. Therefore, we must learn to look up to the Spirit of God every day.

3. We believe that prayer is an important foundation for our relationship to God, to worship, to ministry, and to the community.

4. We believe that God values the lost, so the church should value them as well.

5. We believe that the church can accommodate cultural backgrounds, but the doctrine must remain pure.

6. We believe that followers of Christ should live with sincerity and justice, and long for growth.

7. We believe that the church should be a united servant group, and brothers and sisters should serve each other with the gift of their spiritual and leadership.

8. We believe that the relationship of love should permeate the church life at different levels.

9. We believe that changes in life are most often produced in group life.

10. We believe that everything in pursuit of perfection can glorify God and inspire others.

11. We believe that every Christian should pursue a complete commitment to the Lord Jesus.




1.   我們相信藉聖靈膏抹來教導神的話語,能改變教會和個人的生命。

2.   我們相信唯有靠著神的力量﹐才能活出基督徒的生命。因此我們都要學習每天仰望倚靠神的靈。

3.   我們相信祈禱是我們在關係上對神﹐對敬拜﹐對事奉﹐及對社群的重要基礎。

4.   我們相信神看重失喪的人﹐因此教會也應該看重他們。

5.   我們相信教會可以遷就文化背景﹐教義卻必須保持純正。

6.   我們相信基督的跟隨者應活出真誠與及正義﹐並渴慕不斷的成長。

7.   我們相信教會應是一個合一為僕的群體﹐弟兄姊妹當用他們屬靈和領袖的恩賜互相服侍。

8.   我們相信愛的關係應滲透於不同層面的教會生活裏。

9.   我們相信生命的改變最常產生於小組生活中。

10. 我們相信凡事追求完美才能榮耀神和激勵別人。

11. 我們相信每一位基督徒應當追求對主耶穌完全委身。