What are Gospel Communities (GC's)?

At BAC English, we seek to be a family of disciples and our Gospel communities (GC) are the heart of how we live that out. GCs are smaller groups (approximately 10-20) of people seeking to be formed by the Gospel in the context of community. GCs are groups of people who try to ask the question “What does loving my city and neighbour really look like?” These communities are the primary means through which BAC English connects to one another in community and mobilizes people to live out the mission of God together. In other words, GCs are one of the main ways BAC English makes disciples. 

In these communities we try to live out the idea that the church is the family of God, called together by him and sent out on his mission. Since we believe that church is a people and not an event that happens on Sunday mornings, every GC meets regularly throughout the week to eat, pray, read God's Word and share in the everyday things of life together with the intention of pointing one another to Christ and Christ crucified. 

Gospel Communities meet throughout the Greater Vancouver area. If you are interested in signing up for an Gospel Community, click HERE.

If you have any questions, please email the church office.