Upcoming Events:

Saturday May 8th from 10am - 12pm: RACE, FAITH, AND OUR ROLE AS CHRISTIANS

You can sign up for the event HERE. Please feel free to invite friends who may be interested in this event. 


Black Lives Matter. White Supremacy. Anti-Asian Hate. Dismantling Racism...⠀

This past year has brought to the surface some very painful and complicated realities surrounding systemic racism, hate crimes and a brokenness in the fabric of our foundational social systems that allow the perpetuation of these racist attitudes and crimes.⠀

You may have experienced a spectrum of thoughts and emotions from anger to confusion to sadness and helplessness. On the flip side, you may have felt a sense of indifference and wondered what it has to do with you.⠀

How are we to respond as Christians? Why do we need to reflect on these issues? Where do we even begin to process and think about these issues individually and as a church?⠀

On Saturday May 8th, we will be hosting a Panel Discussion and Talk on “RACE, FAITH, AND OUR ROLE AS CHRISTIANS” from 10am - 12:00pm PST on Zoom.⠀

Join us as we hear from three Christian female leaders in a panel discussion: Christian Author and Speaker Tiffany Bluhm, Former Director of Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Cultural Ministry at InterVarsity Canada Donna Dong, Power to Change Ministry Leader Selene Lau Favreau, and Clinical Counselor Heng-zi Lo Bereczki. ⠀

This discussion will be followed by a talk by Tiffany Bluhm on “walking together in freedom, justice, truth and equality for all people of colour.”⠀

“RACE, FAITH, AND OUR ROLE AS CHRISTIANS” is an uncomfortable yet important topic that we need to face through the lens of our faith. We hope you will join us. 



Purpose of BAC Women's Ministry

Our purpose as a women’s ministry at BAC is to affirm our primary identity as daughters of God by grounding ourselves in Scripture and spiritual relationships. We are committed to an atmosphere of OPENNESS and TRUST where we can build meaningful relationships in order to support the growth of our greater community.

Perspectives Speaker Series 2021

Throughout 2021, we will be hosting a monthly virtual women's speaker series called PERSPECTIVES. We invite you to join us on Zoom once a month as we listen to empowering female speakers from different walks of life - pastors, teachers, writers, missionaries, and other female leaders in our communities. Topics will range from spirituality and growth to mental health and gospel perspectives on social issues to name a few. Our PERSPECTIVES speaker series is all about shaping our faith through the voices of Christian women. Our hope is to connect with one another, encourage and grow together as a community in spite of not being able to meet face to face for the forseeable months.