Last week I focused on the evangelistic aspect of the Blessing Group Ministry model. Today I will focus on the training up of a disciple.

      The discipleship process recognizes and clearly identifies different stages of the growth of the disciple, and trains appropriately. It focuses on biblical teaching in a practical way. There are four levels of this discipleship training. It differs from conventional discipleship curriculums which usually focuses on knowledge. This curriculum ranges from keys to the Christian life, training on evangelism to skills on leading a cell group.

      Another key aspect of this model is the shifting from a classroom lecture style, to a one-to-one model. It aims to develop a mature disciple who to not only “gives birth” (brings someone to Christ) but also “nurture” (disciple this person to maturity) as part of the complete discipleship cycle.

      Here’s what one of our pilot group member said:

      “This discipleship training is a staged curriculum. It has clear goals and targeted teaching, and is dependent on the Holy Spirit to build up the disciple. In building up disciples that can “give birth” and “nurture” others, with the practice of evangelism and discipleship training, the result is a mature disciple who has a burden for the lost and building up others.”


幸福小組事工模式 (門訓)