Last Tuesday, our Premier and Public Health Officer brought some good news to the residents of British Columbia.  As the number of vaccinations continues to rise, the number of people infected with the virus decreasing, and the pandemic coming under control, the government has lifted some of the restrictions (e.g. restaurants reopening in limited capacity, etc.) ! If the number of people vaccinated on a monthly basis can reach government requirements, and the number of infected patients continues to decline, then all restrictions will be lifted completely and normal life will be restored eventually.  Hopefully this will happen in September.  

          We gain hope with such exciting news, but how should we prepare ourselves for this new normal?  It has been more than 15 months since the beginning of the pandemic.  This has been the most restrictive period of time in our life.  Many people cannot stand so many restrictions, and coupled with the fear of catching the virus and limited social life, it has caused many mental health problems.  I hope that with the reopening of the economy and the relief of the pandemic, everything will get better, and everyone gets back on track.   

          This is probably the situation we are about to face and need to adapt to when anticipating all these changes.  Nevertheless, our love for God should not change.  God is an eternal God, and His love for us is everlasting and never changes, so our love for Him should be the same.  Over the past year, I hope that we have grown and matured in our lives.  From the experience of the pandemic, our values also should have become more clear – what should be our priority, and what is secondary.  

            Before the pandemic, we arrived at church on time every Sunday and worshipped God with reverence.  After the pandemic, we should be the same as before, going to church on time every week worshipping God with reverence.  Do not cling to the convenience of online worship at home that we have enjoyed in the past year.  We should look forward to the fellowship time we can once again enjoy with brothers and sisters, face to face.  This is something we can never enjoy online.  However, we do need to grow in our faith in God and trust Him more.  God has guarded and protected us during this pandemic for more than a year, what do we need to be fearful of?  

          As we look to the coming of September when all restrictions will hopefully lift, may our spiritual life also be renewed.