Praying with the Psalms
Teacher: Pastor Keith
Many of us hit a plateau in our Christian journey in which our prayer
life might become formulaic, lacking the heart it once had. The Psalms
are a rich resource for prayer life today because they cover the wide
spectrum of human experience and as such, there is so much we can
learn from the Psalms about how we can relate to God. Join us in this
course as we learn/re-learn how to pray by studying the prayers of the

Life Principles
Teacher: Weng Fatt Fong
This is the first of a series of courses to discuss the various aspects of
Christian life in this topsy-turvy world. It will provide a forum to discuss
the complicated relationships, the many hopes, aspirations, despairs, and
addictions in our lives. Using a mix of biblical principles with practical
experiences shared by long-time Christians, this first course will guide
young and old believers in managing our relationships in church or in our
family, our emotions such as depression and anger, or the time spent in
and outside our jobs. Subsequent courses will provide the detailed howto’s and principles for Christian stewardship, and other focused areas.

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