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We're excited to offer 2 courses for the 2020 Adult Christian Education (ACE) Fall term:

1. 1 & 2 THESSALONIANS with Weng Fatt Fong
Course Description - If you were given a three-week assignment in a foreign city, and have only evenings and weekends to share the gospel with the people there, what would you get?
In Paul’s case, he founded a church in the short duration (Acts 17:1-10)!
His work was cut short when he had to flee from the persecution of opposing Jews, and he was concerned about the health of the young church. He wrote these letters to encourage the young church and our understanding of the same would put us in good stead.
This course is the first in a series on the Pauline letters, and will be presented over Zoom on a Thursday night. We hope to complete the course over 10 meetings.

2. THE BAPTISM COURSE with Pastor Keith and Pastor David
Course Description - Interested in getting baptized? Maybe you need a refresher or just want to know more about what Christians believe? This course walks through the essentials of Christian doctrine by focusing on the story of the Scriptures. Throughout our 8-10 weeks together we will develop our understanding of the story of Jesus as the central story in the whole universe. While this course is primarily for those who are interested in being baptized at BAC, it is also perfect for anyone who wants to reaffirm (and reinforce) their comprehension of the basics of the Christian faith.


All classes will be on ZOOM for this term.


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