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May 2024
Loran Tang, recruiter and training coordinator of Children Ministry

Meet our team of summer interns

Are you ready for summer? BAC Children Ministry is!

This year, we have recruited a team of summer interns to take on different tasks based on their strengths and availabilities. Coming from different backgrounds and cultures, each one of them brings in their unique gifts and talents. I am sure this dynamic and energetic team will bring the kids tons of fun this summer!!

Hello! This is Pandora Kwan. I think some of you may know me as I was the summer intern last year as well. I am very happy I get to work in children ministry this year again. I am currently taking a counselling diploma program so I will take a part time position. I am excited to work with a different team this year and I am sure we will have a great time! Can’t wait to have fun and learn with the kids this summer! Let’s experience God’s amazing work and grace together!

Hello everyone, I'm Galen Yau from Hong Kong and I've been at BAC for over 2 years now. Having grown up in church, I made the decision to follow Jesus as my Savior.

The motto of my secondary school in Hong Kong is “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” from Proverbs 9:10, and I think that is very important in spiritual growth and child education.

In the future, I am passionate, and have a calling to serve full time in church. Therefore, I'm here to learn how to serve and love others as a faithful servant.

Hi, I’m Eunice Wong, a music, nature, and sports lover. I’m always in awe of God’s creations, and I want to share these amazing things with children.

I believe that children are full of potential in creating the future. With positive impact and love, they would thrive. Therefore, I’m passionate about helping them grow and learn about the world around them: to collaborate and form relationships, solve problems, and most important of all, to get to know God.

Hi ! My name is Natalie Chan and I’m looking forward to working alongside this year’s team of interns. I grew up in BAC and have spent much of my time through the years serving in ministries with children, youth, and in worship. I love all things creative and sharing a good meal with people. come by and say hi this summer, I’d love to get to know you :)

Hi everyone! This is Ina Huang, and I'm excited to be part of the Children's Ministry Intern team again this year! Last year, I experienced how God transformed me in this role, and I've learned many valuable lessons. Now, I'm ready to use my gifts to serve our community once again.

This past year, I've realized the importance of community and how interconnected our fellowships are. We truly are one body with many parts. I'm looking forward to contributing to our church and helping others grow too!

Please keep us in your prayers, and hopefully, we'll see you around this summer!

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