July 2023
Loran Tang, recruiter and training coordinator of Children Ministry 

Passing our faith on to the next generation – wonderful but difficult!

As a children ministry worker, I sometimes feel “distressed” (that’s how Paul felt when he saw many idols in Athens….) to see some parents being laid-back about their kids’ spiritual growth. Passing our faith on to the next generation is never easy. In fact, such mission is almost next to impossible in the midst of challenges we are facing nowadays.

We want to equip and prepare parents for this life-mission, so I here share an insightful and powerful article written by Josh McDowell with you. Below is the extract that highlights the challenges and methods of sharing faith to our next generations. However, I encourage you to read the full article to gain a better insight of today’s ideology: What Challenges Do We Face in Passing Our Faith on to the Next Generation? - C.S. Lewis Institute (cslewisinstitute.org)

The nature and the source of truth

After our history has gone through Renaissance, Enlightenment and Darwinism, the world has denied the existence of a personal Creator God, in which all truth resided. When God falls out of human’s picture, we do not have an external reference point for our values, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. In the older generations, truth is external, objective and can be discovered. But to the youth, all truth is created and it’s about personal opinion, personal perspective, personal feelings, and personal beliefs.

When truth is increasingly regarded as something felt or relative….

When there is only humanity left, truth is increasingly regarded as something felt or relative. In the past decade, some influential thought patterns, namely tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity, have been established or twisted, be more exactly, from the ideology of atheism. People now generally believe that all values, belief, lifestyles and claims to truth are equal.

How can we share the gospel in today’s culture?

  • Ask questions like: “how to you define truth?”; “What is your spiritual journey?” to start your conversation. Listen and catch your chance to share yours.
  • Live our faith authentically. Jesus has compassion for all. If we’re a true follower of Christ and following Him, we will have compassion for the lost and the poor. If you live that out, that speaks powerfully. When people see God’s love in you and your relationship with others, they will usually listen when you share the gospel
  • Confess our sins and ask God’s forgiveness. Recommit that area to Christ. After all, it’s about our relationship with God. The key is to walk with the Holy Spirit.

In a nutshell

Be aware of the challenges and the different cultures among the new generation is our first step. However, no matter what generations or what cultures we’re in, sharing the gospel is really boiled down to our own relationship with God. Do we live our faith authentically? Do we show passion or give priority to God’s kingdom? Are we leading our kids to God closer and closer as parents? Passing on our faith is getting tougher and tougher. Let’s be vigilant and diligent!!

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