Over the last two weeks we have discussed the evangelistic and discipleship aspects of the Blessing Group ministry model. The key is the context, and that happens in a cell group where we – learn, grow, and encourage one another towards God’s mission!

      This model chooses a cell group structure, rather than the traditional large fellowship settings. There are benefits and pitfalls in any model/structure. The key is which one is most suitable to support the goal one is trying to achieve.

      Large group settings are suitable for one way communication (such as training) and great for connecting with the larger faith community. On the other hand, it is difficult to engage in deeper conversation and build relationships, and easier to feel like a participant (as there are always more people who looks more qualified than you). In the case of the Blessing Group ministry model, the goal is equipping and encouraging every believer to grow in discipleship!  That is why a cell group structure is used.

      While the pilot group is already operating in cell group format, this is something new for our congregation, but the Lord was moving ahead of us! During the pandemic, most of our fellowships have switched to meeting in smaller groups. This gives us a taste of a small group, as well as highlighting the support needed for this structure. As a result, small group leaders training is continuously being developed to equip our volunteer leaders.

      Please keep this process in your prayers! 




  儘管我們的先鋒隊 (pilot group) 已經以細胞小組的形式在進行中,但這對我們的會眾來說可能是新的形式;然而主已經在我們前面開了路,在COVID大流行期間,我們大部分的團契已經轉而改為以小組聚會。這使我們對小組有初步了解,也認識到這樣的形式所需要的支持系統來配合。因此,我們正加緊預備推動組長訓練,以裝備投身一同服事的弟兄姊妹。