Sermon-Based Discussion

      One of the challenges that comes with cell groups, especially during this time of pandemic, is that we can easily lose the sense of community and togetherness as a church. What ties us together when we are all running our own groups, each one may having their own topic? One solution is “Sermon-based Small Groups”.

      BAC sermons are not an assorted number of good sermons put together, but a prayerfully and thoughtfully designed series that leads the whole congregation on a year-long journey towards the focus of the year! That is why it is so helpful for the whole congregation to attend worship together, and discuss the message together in our fellowships and small groups.

      This is tremendously helpful to not only deepen our understanding of each sermon (not to mention to help us to pay attention!), but also encourages our fellowship to grow deeper in our spiritual conversations. How beautiful is it that we will habitually bring our conversation into what God has put in our hearts after the worship service!

      The Cantonese pastoral team have been adding reflection and discussion questions that serve as a guide for discussion. However, this is merely a tool to help you. I pray that soon everyone will spontaneously share what God has put in their heart through the sermon, and learn and be encouraged from one another through our sharing and observations.