It is now 2021, all worship services and other meetings have been held online for more than 10 months.  Looking back from 2020 to now, we have indeed experienced a lot of changes in our daily lives.  In addition to the changes in church life that prevented brothers and sisters from participating in physical worship and fellowship, our work, school, family life, and social life, were all challenged because of restrictions. All this seemed to happen overnight, beyond what we could have imagined. I believe this was a "disaster" that most of us have never encountered before.  This pandemic could be considered a disaster of the century.  As a result, we found a peaceful and stable life does not necessarily happen.  In times of stability, we should remember to be grateful.  We must learn to cherish life, cherish family, cherish friends, cherish church life, and cherish people near us. 

     We are grateful because the true God we believe in is a God who has not changed at all, in spite of all the changes in the world.  The Lord sits enthroned over the flood.  Everything is still under His mighty control.  When people panic, due to a shortage of supplies, the word of God reminds us: "Be still and know that I am God!"  Just think about it, there was panic buying throughout March and April for toilet rolls, food, masks, etc.  Now toilet rolls are on sale every week, the food supply is abundant, masks are sold for as little as $5 for fifty pieces, and so on.  People panic because there is no peace in their hearts and panicking indeed causes chaos in the world.  As children of God, you and I should learn to be still and calm in times of chaos.  What we need is the peace from God, and this peace is not what the world can give. One who has this peace in chaos is the one who is close to God and strives for spiritual growth every day when life is peaceful and stable.  Believers who just run to God when an emergency strikes will lose their peace and stability in times of crisis.  Dear brothers and sisters, God takes care of His children, and there is always a way out for God's children.

     There are bound to be new changes and challenges in 2021, which will be different from 2020.  For most people, the vaccine has now become their hope and sense of security, but for every child of God, only the true God we believe in, only our Savior Jesus, is our eternal hope, peace, and strength in disaster and chaos.

     At the beginning of this new year, may the blessings of God, who gives peace, be upon each one of you at BAC.  May you all stay close to God, spend more time in His word and praying.  May you all find peace and joy in spite of the pandemic, and through this we will be good witnesses for Him to bring peace and joy to others, and become their blessing.


     我們今天已經蹅進二零二一年。而網上崇拜及其他聚會,亦已在網上舉行十一個多月。回想二零二零年至今,我們在日常生活中,實在經歷了極多的轉變。除了教會生活上的轉變, 令弟兄姊妹們不能參予實體的敬拜與及實體的團契生活之外,我們的工作, 課堂上的學習, 家庭的生活, 社交的生活, 朋友之間的接觸和聯繫,都面對著不同轉變上的挑戰。相信這一切,都不是我們所能想像得到的。而這一切都是在我們毫無預備之下,突然來臨的。相信這是在我們當中極大多數的人,從來未遇過的“災難”。這個疫情可說是世紀性的災難。原來人生能夠有平靜安穩,不一定是必然的。當在平穩當中, 我們就當懂得感恩,懂得珍惜。我們要學發珍惜生命,珍惜家人,珍惜朋友,珍惜教會生活,珍惜眼前人...。  

     在世上一切的轉變中,我們感恩,因為我們所相信的真神,是沒有絲毫的改變的神。祂在洪水氾濫的時候,仍然坐著為王。一切都是在祂大能掌管之下。當世人落於恐慌之中,以為物支短缺快快臨到世界的時候,神的話話卻要提醒我們說:“ 你們要安靜,要知道我是神﹗”試想想,自去年三月開始,群眾搶購廁紙,搶購食物, 搶購口罩,搶購...等等。看看今天,廁紙每星期都有減價,食物來源充足,口罩賣到低過五元五十個等等。恐慌的確可以令到世界大亂,因為人心中失去平安。身為神兒女的你與我, 在混亂中當學習在主裡安靜,因為我們要得著的,是從神而來的平安,而這個平安,不是世界所能賜的。而可以在混亂中得著這個平安的,是過去在平靜安穩的時候,每天都親近神、平日都是願意追求屬靈生命成長的信徒。只是臨急“抱神腳” 的信徒,在危急的時候,就會失去平靜安穩。親愛的弟兄姊妹,神必定看顧屬祂的兒女,神的兒女必然有出路的。  


     願意賜平安的神,在新的一年開始,祝福本宣家弟兄姊妹,每天都親近神,多讀神的話語,多禱告。在疫情當中, 仍然滿有從神而來的平安和喜樂,為主多作見證,將平安喜樂的福音帶給別人,成為別人的祝福。