On December 31st 2020, I received an email that was sent from a newer virtual bank in Hong Kong.  I summarized part of the message:  

      “How would you describe 2020 in one word or phrase? I’d say “perseverance”! From the very first day since our official launch, we’ve spared no effort to create a different bank for you ...

       It was also exactly this kind of perseverance that drove us to go the extra mile and push ourselves beyond the “norm”.  We choose to become a game changer, simply because we want to make banking better.”

       What attracted me to this advertisement was few special word in it which inspired some thoughts:   

      "Perseverance"... (makes people) do their best... to create/make...a different...  

      "Perseverance"... (makes people) go beyond normal... (become) a changer... to make improvement...  

      "Perseverance" is indeed what people all over the world needed in 2020.  But for every Christian, perseverance alone is still not enough.  What people of God need is perseverance with faith.  Perseverance with faith is the conviction that the Holy Spirit will add strength and wisdom to believers to accomplish God's work/mission.  Perseverance alone can only accomplish what one wants to do at best.  But there is no guarantee that one is capable of doing it.  From the past to present, the family of BAC has been experiencing this perseverance with faith.  Brothers and sisters are united in one heart, striving hard to fulfill the vision and mission that God has given to BAC.  

      "Perseverance with faith".... enables BAC to do her best....to build a “not-the-same” church that makes disciples.

      "Perseverance with faith".... enables BAC to go beyond the norm....when the lives of disciples are changed by the Lord, BAC will become a church that changes the community.  

       As BAC is approaching her 40th anniversary, let each one of us continue to hold on to this "Perseverance with faith", strive to pursue spiritual growth, faithfully lead others to the Lord, and make BAC a church that “reproduces and nurtures”.




     “毅力”...( 使人)竭盡全力...去創建/締造...不一樣(的)...