In the past year, we saw daily reports of the number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in the news.  It was discouraging to see all this bad news.  However, in the last two months, I noticed a message from the federal government, which said: If everyone abides by the health restriction orders by wearing masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands frequently, etc., soon we will return to normal life as before, such as attending weddings, meeting with friends, dinner gatherings, traveling and so on.  All these joyful images immediately appeared in front of the audience.  This message keeps appearing on TV.  What is the purpose?  I believe the message is trying to tell people that the pandemic will end one day.  If we continue to endure, it is a promise that we will return to the normal life of the past.  This is a hopeful message to encourage the public to continue to abide by the restriction orders, and wait for a bright future.  

     This is a very important message.  Because of hope, we continue to be patient and obey the rules.  Even though all these rules are not easy to follow, we understand that they are meant to bring us a better future.  Hope will bring motivation and perseverance.  Likewise, the life of a Christian is full of hope because our hope comes from the only true Almighty God in the world.  Because of this hope, Christians are not afraid of difficulties, pain, and death.  The Lord Jesus has overcome all these, even death!  For Christians, death is just the beginning of an eternal new life, the beginning of a more beautiful life.  

      A pandemic will always pass, so will the difficulties.  Christians should hold on to faith and patience with hope during this pandemic.  Let us lean on the power of the Holy Spirit to live a still and beautiful testimony every day.  May the name of God be glorified through us during this time!