1      Church and Campfire

         It’s hard to imagine that we have been in the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year now! The lockdown (and no church in-person gatherings) started in March, 2020.

         It hasn’t been easy for many of you – life has become a lot busier for some, or isolated for others. A couple of important questions are:

         1)      Have you been supported by your church community as you are going through this?                 2)      Are you overwhelmed by all that is happening, and have been disengaged from the faith community?

         Perhaps you wonder if and why engaging in the faith family is important. It is  because church is essential for our faith vitality!

         A church is like a campfire. If you have ever built a camp fire, you know that it’s easy to snuff out a piece of burning firewood. You only need to take the lighted piece out of the burning stack, and leave it on the side, away from the others. It’ll keep lit for a little while, but soon it’ll go out.

         And if you want to put out the whole campfire, you would first disperse them, and they will die off slowly one by one!

         What are some Signs of a Disengaged Believer:

         One has not been attending any small group or fellowship gathering for a while (and not motivated to go)

         One has been slipping in worshipping our Lord online (worship viewing  keeps getting postponed, and sometimes even skipped. Even while worshipping, one is generally distracted, or focus on “channel flipping” - looking for the most “helpful worship”)

         When in-person church actually resumes one day, wondering whether you would still be going.

          Scripture reminds us that:

“Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”
(Hebrews 10:24-25)

         Being engaged in the church is essential for your faith. A Christian is never a loner, we need one another, so do you.    


       很難想像我們已經進入新冠肺炎大流行一年多了! 二零二零年三月開始實施封鎖措施(教堂實體聚會取消多月)直到現在。

       對很多人而言,這並非易事 - 有些人的生活變得更忙碌,而另一些人則變得極孤獨,與人隔離。 一個重要的問題是:








·        已一段時間沒有參加任何小組或團契聚會(並且沒有動力去參加)

·        對敬拜我們的主(網上)時顯得越來越鬆懈(敬拜不斷推遲,有時甚至沒有敬拜。而且即使在敬拜也是不能專注,或者忙於「轉台」尋索「最得幫助的敬拜」)

·        想到教會重開的一天,思想自己是否仍會繼續參加 …(或只是保持這種「自由自在」的形式)