Today we celebrate the most important day of the Christian year, but what does the resurrection mean for us? Why is Easter so important?  

      On Good Friday, we remember the cross of Jesus on which he died for us, in our place, absorbing God’s wrath and bearing on himself the penalty for our sins. Jesus lived a perfect life for us and he died the death we deserved. He takes on all our sin and, in exchange, we receive his righteousness. The cross saves us.

      But what does this mean for us now? What does it mean for us in this life? Paul says that if Christ has not been raised, our preaching and our faith is in vain. If it ended at the cross, our faith wouldn’t make sense because we’d be following and worshipping someone who died.

      We know that it didn’t end there, because on the third day, Jesus rose to new life. Romans 6:4 says, "We were buried with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.It is a living Jesus who gives us the salvation he won on the cross for us. It is the living Jesus who enables us, by his Spirit, to share in the benefits of his death and resurrection. It is a living Jesus he grants us the opportunity to participate in his new life.  

      The power that raised Jesus from the dead is now in us because we are in Christ.

      John Stott says, "Christ died for me and I with him...then Christ rose again and lives, and I live through him, sharing in his resurrection life." We're not talking about a future reality when we will one day have new life in him. We are talking about new life now. There is power in the resurrection for life in the present, because Jesus lives in me and therefore his resurrected life lives in me.  

      To you who are discouraged or downcast, weakened or strong, there is hope - Christ’s resurrection means that you have new life in Christ not later, but right now.

      He is risen! He is risen indeed!






      約翰·斯托特(John Stott)說:「基督為我而死,我與祂在一起....然後基督復活,我因為祂也活,分享祂復活的生命。」我們不是在談論未見的事實,指望有一天我們在祂裡面得著新生命。我們所談論的是現今的新生命;因祂活著,祂復活的生命就活在我裏面,祂復活的大能,此刻就在我們裡面。

     對於那些灰心喪志,或是軟弱,或是強壯的人,是有盼望的 - 基督的復活為你帶來在基督裏的新生命,是現在,不是將來。