This year BAC celebrates her 40th anniversary!  When I looked back on my twenty-six years of serving in BAC, I saw that God has always been gracious to the church and the brothers and sisters who are part of it. From a small worship hall that could only accommodate a few dozen people 40 years ago, to two buildings that can accommodate more than 800 people today, we have truly experienced God's countless grace!  We will be able to accommodate even more congregants after the Annex is rebuilt.  In the past eighteen months of the pandemic, BAC has continued to expand regardless. The grace of God is indeed sufficient for us.  With our mighty God, a harsh environment will never become a threat to BAC.  This is because our vision and direction, and the expansion of all ministries are driven by God's will and leadership, not out of any human plan. This is what we have experienced in the past.

          At the beginning of the year, we formed a committee to organize the celebration of our 40th anniversary.  We were hoping that the pandemic would be brought under control before the end of the year and in-person celebrations could be held.  After the first meeting, it was recommended that a celebration which included worship and a dinner be held in November.  Committee members began collecting information on venues that can be rented for worship, and restaurants that could accommodate large groups of people.  Sadly the pandemic has been unpredictable, and the church has decided to postpone the celebration until after next spring, pending a post-pandemic recovery.   Let us all pray that the pandemic will be brought under control as soon as possible and will no longer affect the daily life and church life of our brothers and sisters.

         Last week, we started a new worship service for the Cantonese congregation in the MPR called Re:Fresh. Thank God, nearly seventy people attended the first worship service.  May this worship be used by God greatly!  Last week was the second week for the English worship to meet in-person, more than one hundred people attended.  I hope that more brothers and sisters will feel it safe and comfortable to return to BAC to worship together.

         The demolition of the Annex will begin once the permit is received which we expect to happen soon. Therefore, starting in October, the Mandarin congregation will meet in the MPR (2nd floor of the main building) on Sunday for in-person worship.  The start time will change to 9:30 am. During this transitional period, our main building will be packed with people on Sundays.  I hope that brothers and sisters will be accommodating and patient with each other.  May these beautiful and exciting prospects of BAC help us look less resentfully on all these light and momentary troubles!