With the construction process of the Annex Rebuild about to begin, this is also the time for the Church Planting Committee to start their research. The Church Planting Committee will launch a preliminary study exploring suitable geographical locations, the target group which will be served, and the appropriate timing to church plant.  These studies will take considerable time to gather all the needed information. The formation of the Church Planting Committee will be announced after we have confirmed which two elders will be participating in the project. We encourage brothers and sisters to continuously pray for BAC’s church planting vision and its preparation. We hope that the Kingdom of God will continue to expand through BAC.    

           Praise the Lord! Ever since God has given BAC direction through four visions, pastoral staff, elders, and brothers and sisters are all willing to submit to these visions from God, and everyone is striving to support every mission that is delivered from the above. This year is the fifth year after clearly receiving the four visions. Throughout the past four years, God had led us to complete the Langley Mandarin Outreach Ministry; to begin construction of the Annex rebuild, and this year, the congregations are ready to embrace building up BAC as a disciple making church. We strongly believe that as a disciple, we will be used by God and empowered to be able to build up the church.  BAC is hoping that in the very near future, we will be able to send out enough disciples to build up a new church through church planting, and thus lead more people to enter the Kingdom of God and become His disciples.  

           BAC has already begun her 41st year! We desire to have a 40th Anniversary Celebration this year if the pandemic is under control, as we indeed have so many things to be thankful for and praise our Lord for His blessings upon us.   

           After the Annex rebuild, it will be impossible to have further expansion at our church’s  existing site.  Church planting has been a vision for the BAC over the past few years, and we have been seeking God’s guidance ever since. We have confirmed and received a very clear vision from God that church planting is the direction for us. We strongly believe that once God has started His work, He will finish it till the end.  As this is the work of God, He will bless our brothers and sisters to finish His work in unity.   

         No matter how much the Coronavirus will spread, we trust the love of our brothers and sisters towards God will never change; because the love and guidance of God upon BAC is unfailing and never changes! 






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