At the beginning of this new year, I would like to take time to review some of the major incidents that happened last year. The most striking event was the seemingly unbeatable and unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and its effect across the world.  Other tragedies were the summer BC wildfires, and the recent serious flooding in the BC Interior. Unfortunately, we had to witness all these catastrophes. Contrary to all this, what we had experienced at BAC was an abundant year full of God’s blessings and grace.

         Ever since we resumed in-person worship, we have welcomed almost a hundred newcomers! Many of them are new immigrants coming from Hong Kong, while others are those who emigrated back to Canada, and some moved from other provinces to B.C. Many of these newcomers are mature Christians, whom we consider a blessing to BAC. In addition, through the formation of various Blessing Groups, we are thankful that more than twenty participants have received Christ as their Savior, and more than ten of them were  baptized last month! They have all come together to experience the great salvation power of our Lord! We see that difficult circumstances cannot hold back the salvation power, and the work of our Lord.  

           In the midst of the pandemic, BAC has also started to rebuild the Annex. We will have a Ground Breaking Ceremony at 10:50am on Jan 9, 2022 at the Annex site. Everyone is welcome to join and witness the event. Tomorrow, January 3 will be the first day of the construction process. When we review the past year for BAC, how could we not shout out in joy with a thankful heart?  

          However, BAC will not just look back at past accomplishments, nor be content with the present.  We will continue to strive forward, lest we will fall behind. The new ministry focus of this year is “Embrace: Stepping in to follow Jesus”. May all of us embrace BAC, by being built up as a disciple, be willing to follow Jesus, and strive together in unity to build BAC into a disciple making church.

          For the vision of church planting, we will begin a preliminary study, to find out which Tri-City area has the need for a church, and the target group that we are going to serve.  All this requires your continuous prayer support, that we will have discernment for God’s leading and His guidance.  

         I hope that at the beginning of this new year, we all will strive for deeper spiritual growth, a life of loving people and loving God, and a unified heart to build up BAC together. 


        自七月回復實體崇拜至今,教會接觸了近百位的新來賓。在他們中間,不少是從香港過來的新移民,亦有些是回流加國的,與及從別個省份搬到卑斯省的。當中不乏成熟的基督徒,對本宣家來說,是一個恩典和祝福。另外感恩的,是在過去一年,透過舉行了多次的幸福小組,弟兄姊妹帶領了二十多位朋友接受主耶穌,當中十多位已於上月接受水禮,一同見證主拯救的大能。可見環境從來不能阻礙神拯救的大能,與及神的工作。加上在疫情中,本宣家要開始重建附堂。一月九日上午十時五十分,便是我們附堂重建的動工禮。歡迎弟兄姊妹一同參加,同證主恩。而明天一月三日便是工程的開始。這一年的回顧,怎能不叫我們同心歡呼感 ?

         本宣家不會只是回顧,或是滿足現狀。我們卻仍然會繼續向前行,因為不進則退。今年我們的事工焦點是: “投入: 齊來跟隨耶穌”  (Embrace : Stepping in to follow Jesus)。讓本宣家每一位弟兄姊妹,都能夠投入,被建造成為主的門徒,一生跟隨主,同心建立本宣為一間建立門徒的教會。



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