As we say farewell to the year 2021 and welcome in 2022, I believe what we are most concerned about, is waiting to get a 3rd booster shot of vaccine, and in the near future, do we need to take at 4th, 5th or even 6th vaccine shot?  In fact, with this question, there are still a lot of unknowns. Maybe we might even have to live with this Coronavirus for a long time.

         I believe the Christian life has a lot of similarities with this virus. Like the Coronavirus, the wickedness in the world, has been a threat and danger to mankind, and has been affecting everyone in the world, but even longer.  Not until the medical specialists discovered a cure, if we wanted to keep the virus under control, and minimize the chances of infection, we had to bear a cost for that, and the cost can be heavy.  In the past two years, we had to bear the cost of a city-wide lockdown, a ban on travel, going out to have dim sum in restaurants, seeing friends, attending church in-person, cruise travel, and to keeping six feet social distance. In spite of these, the more effective way to fight against the disease, was to take the vaccination.  In the past, we thought that taking one dose of vaccine would be enough to get the desired effect, but as the virus has been gone through different mutations, we might need to take even a 2nd, 3rd or 4th booster shot, in order to control the virus effectively.    

          As a disciple of God, it is the same. We can never under estimate the impact of sin in our spiritual life.  Sin is more deadly than Coronavirus, its more likely to be unbeatable. Therefore, for every one of us as, a disciple of God, we have to bear a heavy cost, just the same as we are fighting against the Coronavirus. We have to obey and follow through the teachings of God’s Word strictly, just as we comply with the restrictions the government imposed during the pandemic. If we ignore and do not follow the restrictions thoroughly, the effectiveness of fighting against the disease will be undermined, and it will pose a danger to the community.  Right now, we still have many people who, in order to defend their human rights, are not willing to follow health restrictions, and not get vaccinated, that reduces the effectiveness of fighting against the disease and, as a result, does not reach its desirable effect. The spiritual life of a disciple should be constantly growing, so that we will have a strong ability to resist sin. The power of wickedness in the world has been growing stronger. The concept of emphasizing on his own right has been growing among all people. In order to fight for their freedom, people choose to gratify their desires, regardless of the safety and lives of others. As a disciple living in this world, we need to continuously take booster shots against sin.  If our spiritual life has not been strengthened, we are unable to resist against the mutation of sin, and we may even have brought the sin into our community.  However, as we take spiritual booster shots regularly, we will no longer be afraid of the continuous mutation of the sin.  Just as we take the advice from the provincial health authority, even though we have taken the vaccination, including the booster shots, we still have to follow the basic guidelines for personal hygiene, like washing our hands regularly, and wearing masks at all times. Therefore, today apart from fully abide in the Word of God, we should also have to do our daily devotions, read the Word of God daily, keep a regular prayer life, care about the needs of others, make good use of every opportunity to spread the Good News to others…these are all the important and fundamental factors to resist against sin, and the basic guidelines of being God’s disciple.




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