As the weather is getting warmer, I am grateful to see more and more brothers and sisters coming back to attend Sunday services in-person. In the past, we used to have Cantonese morning service to accommodate the needs of our brothers and sisters that need to work on Sunday.  However, because of the pandemic situation, the morning service was suspended for over two years.  As the pandemic situation has stabilized, we have decided to resume this service (starts at 8am) effective May 29, 2022.  We encourage brothers and sisters on the Cantonese side to join the morning Sunday service and attend the Cantonese Sunday School classes afterwards.  We also strongly encourage these members to step out and join us to serve the morning service ministry.  

            Praise the Lord! Three Mandarin brothers and sisters have completed, or are receiving their seminary theological training, and are willing to devote themselves to serve God full-time.  One of them is Lily Cai, she completed her theological training last year, and has been serving as our half-time Mandarin Assistant Pastor ever since.  Eric Li just completed his studies, and his graduation ceremony will be this Saturday at BAC.  Eric will be served as our half-time Mandarin Assistant Pastor, effective June 1.  Jack Cai is receiving theological training at the moment, and will finish his studies in two years.  We are grateful that God has called these three Mandarin brothers and sisters as His faithful servants!  May all of them be used and blessed by God abundantly!  This is indeed a blessing to BAC.    

            Moreover, the annual BAC Teens Camp had also been suspended the last two years because of the pandemic, but this year, the camp will be returning in September.  Mason Cheng, our half-time seminarian intern, has been helping out in the youth ministry over the past year. Starting from May to the end of August, he will be serving full-time in the youth ministry, and in the organizing and planning of Teens Camp.  He will be returning to Ambrose College in Calgary in September for his remaining two years of theological study.  We need a lot of brothers and sisters to step up and serve in both the children and youth ministry. May God stir up our hearts to serve our next generations.      

             As a Christian, to be able to serve God is an opportunity we should cherish and enjoy, because what the abundant life of a Christian means is a life to serve God.  And when we are called for full time ministry, that will be an even greater blessing. May God call more brothers and sisters to step up and serve, be equipped with theological training, and be used by God to expand His Kingdom!



            另外,青少年事工因疫情關係,已經兩年未有舉行青少年夏令營。而今年九月,將恢復他們都期待著的夏令營。英語部的神學生鄭文舜弟兄, 過去一年,半時間的幫助青少年事工。而已於五月開始到八月底,全時間的協助青少年事工,同時全力幫助籌備青少年夏令營。鄭文舜弟兄將於九月返回Calgary Ambrose神學院,完成還有兩年的神學課程。求主祝福及使用他在這個暑期,協助青少年事工的發展。青少年事工與及兒童事工,都需要很多弟兄姊妹參予事奉,求主興起及預備足夠的事奉人員,同心建立我們寶貴的下一代。


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