For the year 2020, we experienced the most abundant year in the history of BAC in spite of the pandemic. Although the pandemic was fierce and severe, God gave us many opportunities to learn, especially the lesson: "It is more blessed to give than to receive".  

      In the early days of the pandemic, the church offered to help our neighbors, and our own brothers and sisters in need in terms of finances, and purchasing food and daily necessities.  Many brothers and sisters signed up to assist with this meaningful ministry.  This is the first lesson in which giving is more blessed than receiving.

      Then during the pandemic, the church switched to online worship. Our AV brothers, the worship teams, and the pastoral staff from our 3 congregations, faithfully returned to church despite the severe condition of the pandemic.  Every week, they were there to serve to make worship at home possible.  This is another aspect of learning that giving is more blessed than receiving.  

      At the end of last year, when the second wave of the pandemic broke out, the Elder Board made a faith decision to donate one-tenth of the year-end thanksgiving offering (if there was a surplus), with an upper limit of $15,000, to the C&MA for the "Jaffray Project".  This is a project that sends workers to least-reached people groups.  This is a breakthrough for BAC to not focus on just for our own needs, but also for sharing the grace of God with others.  This is also a lesson to teach us  giving is more blessed than receiving.  

      When BAC is willing to obey the teaching that "it is more blessed to give than to receive", God's promise and faithfulness will be given to us in abundance.  The abundance of 2020, even in the midst of the severe pandemic, still greatly blessed our brothers and sisters.  Whether it was for the general fund or the building fund, many brothers and sisters tithed faithfully. Last year's surplus not only increased two to three times, but five to six times compared to the previous year!  What a wonderful testimony it is!  It is also a precious lesson that the BAC family together can experience God's faithfulness and His promised blessings.  May we all lift up our offering in thanksgiving to God, and give glory to our Heavenly Father every day.

      上週與大家回顧二零二零年,在疫情的情況下,經歷到本宣家有史以來最豐富的一年。過去雖然也是疫情嚴峻一年,但神卻讓我們有很多學習的機會,特別在 “施比受更為有福” 的學習上。



      而在去年年終的時候,就是疫情爆發第二波的時候,長議會卻憑著信心,決定將年終盈餘 (若有盈餘) 的十分之一,上限為一萬五千元,奉獻給宣道總會的 “Jaffray Project”,支持將工人派往最小接觸到的人群中, 將福音帶給他們 (supports the sending of workers to least-reached people groups)。這是教會在過去多年中的突破,不是單顧自己的需要,而是要將神的恩典,施予出去。這也是施比受更為有福的學習。

      當本宣家願意同心順服 “施比受更為有福” 的教導,神的應許及信實,便豐豐富富的賜給我們。讓本家過去一年的盈餘,縱然在嚴峻的疫情之中,仍然大大祝福弟兄姊妹,無論在常費及建堂上,都願意作出忠心奉獻。去年盈餘不單止是兩、三倍的增加, 而是五倍、六倍以上的增加。這實在是何等美好的見證,亦是本宣家的弟兄姊妹一同經歷神信實及應許祝福的寶貴學習。讓我們每一天,都以感謝獻上為祭,榮耀我們天上的父神。