"Change and unchanged" was a theme I once used in preaching more than 20 years ago.  The scripture used was from the book of Daniel, and the focus was on learning from Daniel, who was taken captive in Babylon, facing many changes and impacts, and yet his loyalty to God remained unchanged.

      Since February, the world has changed in these 8 months.  People's minds have changed, economics have changed, daily life has changed, politics has changed, relations between nations have changed, and even church life has been changed.  We can say that we have lived in an abnormal environment for eight months.

      In the face of the changing world, the vision of BAC has not changed.  Instead, we have experienced the blessings of God.  We are still moving to fulfill the vision God has given us.  For the Annex rebuild project, brothers and sisters continue to show their support in spite of the rise in construction costs.  This is because we know this is the work of God.  We trust in Him to move forward with our faith and vision, and will not be deterred by the environment.  As for the Mandarin Ministry in Langley, despite the severe impact of the pandemic, it still grows steadily.  We managed to accomplish the 2-year partnership agreement with Mountainview Alliance Church (MAC).  Effective September 1, the Langley Mandarin ministry has officially transferred to MAC.  The vision from above remains unchanged, and it is completed even under the pandemic.  This is the spiritual experience we earned in facing the changing world, but with an unchanged vision.  With the protection of the Lord’s grace, what are we afraid of today?

       In the past eight months, the pastoral team has never stopped training and teaching brothers and sisters on disciple-making.  This is because the vision of "Building BAC a disciple-making church” has always been the focus of our ministries.  We believe that the Holy Spirit can only build a church through disciples.  Similarly, only disciples can complete the mission of church planting.  I am convinced that in the next few years, by the grace of God, BAC will be able to fulfill the four vision plans one by one no matter how the world changes.  Thank God that in the past eight months, brothers and sisters of BAC have remained faithful in tithing, in caring for each other, and in supporting the vision of the church.  And the most important thing is that your love for God and your serving heart remains unchanged.

      “變與不變”是在二十多年前講道時的用的一個主題。經文引用但以理書,焦點在於學習但以理被擄於巴比倫後,在很多的改變和衝擊中, 但他對神的忠心仍然不變。

       自本年二月至今, 超過八個月的時間,令至全世界都在改變。人心改變,經濟改變,日常生活改變,政治改變,國與國之間的關係改變,甚至連教會生活也被改變。我們可以說是過了八個月不正常的生活。