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December 2023
Loran Tang, recruiter and training coordinator of Children Ministry 

Wait on our Servant King

At this Advent season, I am reminded again that our hope is always anchored in Christ. No one else. Nowhere else.

When I reflect how Christ came as a helpless baby and born to be the poorest on earth after generations and generations had anticipated an anointed King, I am amazed by God’s humble and yet powerful way to defeat our pride and all the sins it leads to.

When Mary held her dearest first born, how would she appreciate that she was holding the “Great I AM”? When the Christ died on the cross in such a humiliating way, who would believe he had won the greatest victory for humans?

When I think of Christ, I am once again encouraged by God that all the humbling works we have been doing can go a long way for our children and their families – a cuddle of an infant while the mom enjoying her worship; a small pep talk to a kid; a 20-minute message in Sunday School or worship; words of encouragement to parents…..all our tireless efforts are to draw our community members closer to God.

In the coming year, Children Ministry will focus on community building and strive to connect families across congregations and cultures together. However, without YOUR participation, such goal is nothing more than an empty statement. I here invite you to join us and build up the community together in following ways:

  • to be our helpers (at different areas)
  • to be our song leaders at Junior Worship (9:30 to 10:30 on Sun morning)
  • share your challenges with us and help us to understand your kids more so that we can partner together
  • share your ideas and feedbacks
  • share a testimony to let us know how Children Ministry has helped your kids to grow spiritually (it can be posted in our blog), etc.

We are also “brewing some fun ideas” for the new year:

  • open up spaces for kids and parents in church in some evenings so that we can mingle more and get to know each other better
  • have coffee time with families after worship so that we can exchange ideas
  • invite different fellowship members to participate in our families’ activities

You’re all welcome to give us suggestions and ideas at this planning stage. I would be excited to hear from you.

Christmas is coming and we all are busy to prepare gifts and celebrations. Don’t forget to prepare gifts for our God! If you still wonder what shall you give to Him, you can certainly consider to serve in Children Ministry! As I said, the humbling works we’re doing will go a long way for the kids!

May I here wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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  • We will deliver cookies and treats to all Children Ministry helpers on Dec 18 and 19 as our appreciation token.
  • Children programs will be cancelled on Dec 24 and 31. Special arrangements please see below:
9:30am session 11:15am session

English Congregation

  • All kids join their parents in the Sanctuary for English service.


Cantonese + Refresh Joint Service

  • All kids join their parents in the Sanctuary or MPR for service.
  • If parents prefer, there will be a special “parent+kid” program AFTER singing time in the adult service. Location is in the New Basement. Parent participation is mandatory, and at least one parent must stay with their kids to join. No drop-offs.

*Special Song Presentation*
by the Children Sunday School class on
Dec 31

  • If your kid(s) is presenting in both Mandarin and Cantonese+Refresh Joint Worship, kids arrival time is 10:20am.
  • If your kid(s) is presenting ONLY in the Cantonese+Refresh Joint Worship, kids arrival time is 10:50am.


Mandarin Congregation

  • All kids join their parents in the MPR for Mandarin service.

*Special Song Presentation*
by the Children Sunday School class on
Dec 31

  • If your kid(s) is joining the song presentation, please send them to the New Basement at 10:20am. They will present in the Mandarin service after the sermon. Please have them stay after so that they can present again at the 11:15am Cantonese service.


Nursery will be open for parents’ use on both days. No workers are on duty.
Parents must stay with their kids.

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