VBS & Sports Camp 2023

September 2023
Loran Tang, recruiter and training coordinator of Children Ministry 

We united as a community – that’s the beauty of our summer

Summer is always too short for us, isn’t it? Even though I personally love the beauty of fall and am preparing for its coming, the memory of summer events still stick around. So, I put the pictures of VBS & Sport camp together in a video and collect some of our volunteers’ thoughts about their experience with VBS be shared with all of you. Enjoy!


“I genuinely sensed God's presence throughout VBS. While we faced some initial hiccups on the first day, by the fifth day, it was heartwarming to witness the genuine enjoyment of the children, volunteers, and staff. Each of us had our unique, personal moments with God, and it was truly heartwarming to see individuals from various congregations and fellowships unite to collaborate on this significant project. This experience made me feel like we are all part of one big, loving family.”

Ina (summer intern)


“I’m so happy to have a chance to be a summer intern in BAC children ministry! I’m grateful that I get to meet a lot of great brothers and sisters in Christ I’m thankful for this chance to learn and bond with the kids as well! I had a great summer with BAC children ministry and hope we all grow together in Christ this coming year”

Pandora (summer intern)


“Volunteering at church has been something that I have been doing for a few years now, but volunteering at VBS is always a great, fun, and engaging experience for me.”

Bonita (volunteer at VBS)


“VBS by its name is something to learn from the bible. We definitely have achieved that. It will be great if we have a bigger general assembly room. It was a bit crowded! It's a great learning experience for all, the participating kids and the leaders and captains. It's a great effort by the organizers. A great learning experience to maintain cleanliness and good order.”

Charles Lui (volunteer at VBS)


Looking back at the past summer, which was the busiest time after I started the role of Director of Children Ministry, all I could say is, "Praise God! All glory to Him!" Within the two months of July and August, the Children Ministry coordinated four major kids camps. The biggest project was the Sports Camp and VBS week-long camp in August. A total of 59 children joined, and more than 40 volunteers participated. The camp took place during the week of the heat wave, which created many unexpected problems. After the first day of the camp, I felt very discouraged because of all the unexpected situations. However, God is always so good! When I humbled myself and asked for His guidance, He let me see solutions. The whole team was flexible to adjust, and in the end, everyone had a great time in the camp. I learned and experienced God so much in the past two months!

Cheryl Li (Director of Children Ministry)


I really enjoyed volunteering with BAC's Sports camp and VBS this summer. It was a perfect opportunity to strengthen while also having fun and building relationships with the kids I was serving and the volunteers I was serving alongside. Throughout the week, I had the privilege of seeing my campers grow as a team, encouraging each other and cheering each other on. Despite the fact that my team did not win first place, it was evident that they all had lots of fun and it was very rewarding for me to be able to witness that.

Karis Fung (Volunteer at VBS)

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