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BAC has been emphasizing prayer to seek God’s guidance on the direction of our ministry and future development. This prayer meeting will focus on the vision of our church expansion in the following areas:

  1. The progress of disciple training in all 3 congregations,
  2. Annex rebuild
  3. Church planting in future (pray for the right timing, location and the formation of a planning committee).

Zoom meeting link: Meeting ID: 957 0123 5017, Passcode: 1066

We encourage all brothers and sisters to join our prayer meeting.



  1. 為三語門徒訓練的進展禱告 
  2. 為附堂重建禱告 
  3. 為未來植堂禱告:合適的時間,地點與及籌備委員會的組成.

祈禱會網上連線: Zoom Meeting ID: 957 0123 5017 , 密碼: 1066




  1. 为三语门徒训练的进展祷告 
  2. 为附堂重建祷告 
  3. 为未来植堂祷告:合适的时间,地点与及筹备委员会的组成.

祈祷会网上连线: Zoom Meeting ID: 957 0123 5017 , 密码: 1066