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  • E lost job in December and will soon be returning to his previous hospital work. God’s timing is always good. 
  • Grateful that B’s surgery went smoothly in end of 2021. With her eye problem, it is undergoing treatment and the doctor is confident that he will have my eyes stabilized before our planned move in August.
  • Children had good time playing games and birthday party with friends, as well as good bonding time with grandparents’ visit.
  • Our goal is to move to the working field in August 2022. Please pray for us as we reconnect and build the financial support base again.
  • Through recent ministry, we are experiencing the burdens/stories of our neighbours, please be in prayer for sensitivity to the spirit to pray and respond guided by the Spirit.
  • It has been wonderful to journey reading books with our kids and started wonderful discussion with them about the lifelong journey of faith as we keep our eyes on heaven.



As of January, 2022