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  • There is a lady who asked Jesus into her heart and journey towards the celestial city. 
  • We have found the most permanent housing we've had in a long time... We signed a 2 year rental contract with a lovely local Newari family for a home in the next town over.  Thank you Lord for the provision of a physical home we hope to be a source of encouragement for those who enter through those doors.
  • It is now the beginning of spring here, people are optimistic for another season of growth ahead of them. And so we find ourselves here in a similar situation.
  • We celebrated our 10 years anniversary.  Please continue to pray for unity and that we learn how to encourage each other on our walks. We continue to be blessed with regular time together during this life transition phase which we are grateful for.
  • We have completed our first of 5 language exams and passed! We have enjoyed deeper relationships with neighbours, locals and clubs as a result of improved language.     In everyday conversation with locals, locals are definitely keen to understand what drives us to move from Canada to here. Please pray for sensitivity to the Spirit in how to share and clarity in sharing the hope we have in Christ.
  • Becky has applied for a year long student painting visa.  Practically, this would allow the entire family to stay here in country for another year.  On the other hand, E has been able to reconnect and connect with new healthcare contacts in the last couple months. Please pray for a balance in time and energy to maintain a laser focus on language learning while balancing a desire to be in the hospitals.



As of May, 2023