You can find out more about Evangelical Alliance Mission organization here.


  • We have a place to stay! When we land, we will be going to a furnished home in suburban/village. It's a 15min walk to the kids school. 
  • Commissioning service in July; amongst many other local supporting churches too.
  • Thank you for your prayers which uplift us as we continue to duel.
  • Sharings at churches for the next 2 weeks. Pray that churches are encouraged to be involved in global missions.
  • Schedule visiting churches prior to our departure - time is limited and seemingly lots of people to see. Please pray that our interactions may be mutually edifying and that we know how to encourage well.
  • We are waiting for a consult report to a suitable retina specialist to follow up for B in our work field. We are praying that the effectiveness of injections would continue.
  • Pray for our marriage: that we learn how to communicate well and spur each other on in faith. Please pray for the children’s sensitivity to the Spirit: as we walk through this transitional season in life.



As of June, 2022