Welcoming and Supporting Refugee Families in the Lower Mainland.

New Hope provides housing and support services for refugee families as they transition into life in Canada. They own and operate a 13-unit apartment building in Surrey, BC and partner with community agencies to help refugee families access resources they may need.

Through our dedicated staff and generous volunteers, we provide support services such as language training, educational assistance, employment opportunities, and more. Moreover, we create a supportive, welcoming community for newcomers to gain their independence and thrive.

The link to their website is : https://newhopecs.org/


Their stories
  •  "When I was in fourth grade, I remember that one of my friends was crying at school because she was going to get married that day. She had no choice. There the women and girls can only stay home and do housework and take care of the kids. In Canada, we can raise our girls in freedom and an open mind."
    • Pray for our women and girls, openly navigating the cultural contrasts of womanhood. Many express delight at the opportunity to study, drive a car, or walk outside alone for the first time. May God fill them with dreams for their futures.
  •  "We really don't want to leave here. But we know that everything we have in our lives in Canada is because of New Hope, so we want to give another family the opportunity to experience this community. After we move out, can we pay for a pizza party for the building?"
    • Pray for 4 families who are reaching the end of their 18 months with us - two have already found housing, and two are still looking. It will be really sad to say goodbye to this cohort.
  •  "We were in the air on our way to Canada when our city Mazar-I-Sharif fell to the Taliban."
    • Yesterday I visited one of our alumni Afghani families. They were my next door neighbours 3 years ago, just months after they had been targeted by the Taliban and fled, leaving behind their teenage twin sons in Afghanistan with their eldest son. We've been praying for their reunification for years. Miracle of miracles -  the twins arrived in Canada just 5 days ago, literally hours after their city had fallen to the Taliban. Wow. Meanwhile their eldest son's family and other alumni families haven't been so lucky. I've been lighting a candle every evening this week to hold Afghanistan in my heart and prayers, maybe you'd like to do the same? 
  • Praise God they are hosting 10 families from 13 different countries.
  • Thanks to God for bringing one new family to New Hope last week.
  • Praise God that the BAC Missions Committee was able to host a pizza night for them and build relationships with New Hope and the refugee families.
  •  "I feel like I'm growing up - now I'm like a teenager in Canada, because I can go out on my own!" One of our single moms needed a lot of support when she first moved in - even a quick grocery shopping trip with her 3 kids was a monumental event. A year later, it's so exciting to see her confidence and independence grow - this is what we pray for! 
  •  "If Mr. Bob is leaving, now can we get pets and barbecues at New Hope??" Thank God for our faithful Mr. Bob who has served as our General Manager since we opened our Surrey building in 2016. Pray for him as he finishes up his time with us this month, and also please pray as we are looking to hire a new Property Manager - please help us share the job description!
  • "Love is a form of sweet labor: fierce, bloody, imperfect, and life giving—a choice we make over and over again." Valarie Kaur As always, this month was one of 'beautiful chaos' - broken windows, lice outbreaks, stolen garden hose, and even skunks living under Sophia's balcony. There was also the community dinner where all 50 of us were sobbing as two of our families gave goodbye speeches. May God bless each sweet labour of love and bless the beautiful chaos of it all.



As of September, 2021