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  • One of our close friends in the fellowship just gave birth to a baby girl.
  • The claw machine awarded us with tow new additions to our shark family: the shark and the dolphin (these are the toys).  We give thanks to our Father for the happiness in our life.
  • Please pray for us that we have to lead two bible study groups after we started a new Book study group. As we split the previous study group, more than 14+ attendants into two, we left one group to the current leader and led another one ourselves. 
  • Please pray for us that we may keep our eyes fixed on our Lord Jesus Christ.  We do not have confidence to have the adequate knowledge and language proficiency to not just support in a group but to lead one.
  • Please keep praying for the new young believers to root themselves in the Word and His Truth.  Ask God to strengthen them, give them the courage in talking with their parents about their faith, not to run away but to continue loving their parents.
  • Pray that the whole family come to Him and be restored.  Pray for their parents to recognize that this belief is different from the cults that have been reported in local media. 



As of January, 2024