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  • We joined our existing fellowship's music team. We are on the local language team (instead of English team) and get to walk alongside this group of young adults this season. 
  • Borders have re-opened, we are starting to experience the city at full force. This means a boost in economy through tourists, as well as families reuniting!
  • Our language teacher got married and we sang at their wedding! They are spending a couple of years in Australia to study the Word. Please be remembering them as they work through culture shock and newly married life.
  • In June, we are attending our first conference with other co-workers. Please pray for our travels and for this to be an encouraging and refreshing time.
  • Please pray for the direction for the new bible study group. May our group be unified and filled with the holy spirit one step at a time.
  • We are still working through different issues with our workplace. This is often stressful and tiring. May we set aside our own pride and desires to hear our Lord clearly and love others deeply.


As of May, 2022