• Thank the Lord that there are 43-46 brothers and sisters in the Chinese churches and fellowships are willing to be equiped.
  • Thank God that about 50 brothers, sisters and seekers are willing to read Bible everyday.
  • Praise God for the fruit of the medical STM in March: 24 patients made decision for Christ. Pray for the follow up work.


  • A Prayer Meeting is held on the Passion Day, may the members come and pray together.
  • The new quarter of the Basic course in Spanish will start in mid-April, please pray for the preparation of the teachers and the participation of the students.
  • Pray for the ministry of English pastors among Muslims.
  • . Pray for the Restaurants Ministries and Cantonese Opera Ministries.  May God bring the non-believers into the ministries to know about the gospel.
  • Pastor Mak will go out for meetings in March and April.  Please pray for the peace of the pastor and the members who are with him.



As of March, 2024