• Thank the Lord that there are 43-46 brothers and sisters in the Chinese churches and fellowships are willing to be equiped.
  • Thank God that about 50 brothers, sisters and seekers are willing to read Bible everyday.
  • Praise God for the fruit of the medical STM in March: 24 patients made decision for Christ. Pray for the follow up work.


  • Peru has been hit hard by the cyclone Yaku. May God continue to use His churches as instrument of His love among the affected communitie.
  • Pray for the Holy Week retreat program (April 6, 7, and 9) at San Borja Church.
  • Pray for Los Olivos Church may grow in spirit and in number as well.
  • In short, the political atmosphere continues unstable.  Crimes reported are getting more violent these days, too.  We pray for Peru’s situation and ask God to provide protection.



As of March, 2023