• Thank God that about 43-46 brothers and sisters from Lima Chinese Church and Fellowship are willing to be equipped.
  • Thank God that about 50 brothers, sisters and seekers are willing to read Bible everyday.
  • From the days that COVID 19 spread out, the number of brothers and sisters committed in fellowship, bible study class, training course and prayer meeting has increased.


  • Pray for their April 17 Joint Bible conference, which comprises of two churches and three gospel centers.  Pray that God will use this conference to revive the hearts of local believers.
  • Pray for Peru’s political stability.  Pray that God will grant a local government that promotes peace, prosperity and stability.
  • Due to the pandemic, Peru’s economy is experiencing inflation and many people are under financial hardship and difficulties.  We pray for Peru’s economy and San Boja’s financial outlooks.  We ask that God will provide financially.
  • Since Tony and Fiona will be returning to Canada in May for their 5-month furlough, there is a need for additional brothers and sisters to serve in various ministries.  We pray that God will provide adequate resources, as well as wisdom for Pastor Migual, to ensure the smooth continuation of ministries.



As of April, 2022