AIDIA is a local ministry in southern Peru that’s working to translate the entire Bible into the Eastern Apurímac Quechua language. We thank God for allowing us to complete the translation of the Bible into East Apurímac Quechua. We are sure that this translation will be a great blessing for many Quechua speaking people in the Apurímac region. Now our desire is to see the whole Bible printed. We are praying that God will guide the people doing the next steps of editing and the final publication.

AIDIA is promoting the use of translated Scriptures, teaching people to read and write their language, training pastors and Sunday school teachers and much more.


  • Praise the Lord.  The AIDIA team has finished the translation of the whole Bible for East Apurimac Quechua People Group.  They are going to print the copies after the final approval.
  • Thanks God for His guidance upon their ministries.  The team continues to build up the believers, leaders and pastors through the ministries of visiting, teaching and training.
  • They thank God for His abundant blessing upon their audiovisual ministry.  These audio devices are a great help to the Quechua speaking believers who can’t read.
  • They are looking for the opportunities to plant churches in some communities where most of the people are idolaters.  Pray that God provides the Christian there who are willing to help in the plan.  Pray that the people are willing to open their hearts and learn about God.



As of February, 2022